Tips on reducing your freight transport costs

Posted on: 29 September 2014

Rising energy prices have significantly hiked the cost of freight. As a vital element of your business, transportation will greatly impact your bottom line. Prudent steps must therefore be taken to minimise the cost of freight. These are:

Consolidate your shipping

Freight transport rates reduce as the weight of the shipment increases. This means you can save a lot by bundling your shipment together. For example, rather than sending two 300kg shipments in two days, consolidate them into one 600kg load for a better rate. Consolidating your shipments entails careful study of your supply chain. This will determine how shipment can be effectively bundled together, without disrupting the business.

Ship early

Freight transport costs more if it has to be done on short notice. Carriers will charge less if you ship earlier. This requires organisation and planning, to ensure everything is packed days in advance. Early shipping also ensures your cargo arrives on time. It also lets you avoid air delivery where possible, since this is the most expensive form of freight transport.

Pack properly

Take your time to pack your cargo according to your carrier's specifications. Cargo that is improperly packaged is more likely to suffer damage during shipping. Carriers may decline any claim arising from such damage. Furthermore, your carrier may reject improperly packed cargo.

The carrier may also choose to repackage, which will incur a hefty surcharge. This is especially true for delicate or fragile cargo, which the carrier thinks is likely to result in a claim. Use a professional if you have problems with packing. You can also opt for shipping crates or pallets, which are easier to pack and more secure.

Correct weight and class

Invest in a certified scale to weigh your cargo before shipping. This will save you re-weigh charges if your weight estimates are incorrect. You should also ensure you cargo is of the correct freight class. Failure to correctly indicate this on your Bill of Lading will lead to reclassification by the carrier. This will incur a costly surcharge, which can dramatically increase your freight transport costs.

Accurate address

This may seem straightforward, but many businesses make errors when filling the destination address. A wrong digit in the address can send your cargo to the wrong location. This will attract extra charges that can significantly increase your freight costs.

Freight companies, like Jayde Transport, are happy to assist or answer any queries you may have. This is particularly important if you are inexperienced with freight processes. This will save you time and money, by preventing mistakes that could lead to surcharges.


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