Heavy Haulage: The Different Types of Trailers

Posted on: 6 August 2021

The article is going to be about the various type of heavy haulage trailers. Read on for further info which will help you decide if a heavy haulage truck is right for your job and needs.

The semi-trailer comes in a variety of models with various features depending on what type of job it will be used for. All have standard features that include air brakes and safety devices such as emergency brakes. Some models also include heated or insulated tanks or chilled storage areas. Most of the trailers are equipped with heavy-duty suspension systems and upgraded components to help with hauling heavy loads.

Semi-trailers come in 4 different types:


The standard trailer has a low deck height which makes it perfect for hauling things like livestock, groceries, general cargo, oversized loads or overweight cargo. The semi-truck trailer has a mid-height deck that makes it perfect for general purpose uses whether they are heavy or light.


The lowboy trailer is a type of trailer used for hauling oversized cargo. They are equipped with a low deck height making them easy to load and can be custom built to fit your specific needs. They have a heavy-duty suspension system, which makes them capable of handling extremely heavy loads. Lowboy trailers also come in different lengths, widths and heights. They are used for hauling overweight and oversized cargo, such as heavy construction equipment, vehicles, cranes or earthmoving machinery. 


Gooseneck trailers are specialized types of trailers that are used to haul heavy equipment such as boats, haul lumber or haul overweight loads. Gooseneck trailers have a flatbed, which is designed for carrying oversized loads that require precision hauling. They also have a low deck height making them easy to load and unload.


The tanker is a specialised type of trailer used for hauling liquid products. They have tanks that are sealed and are fitted with an unloading valve that makes it easy to drain the contents once the trailer arrives at its destination. These trailers come in many sizes and can be used for many different liquids like gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, chemicals and liquid food products.

If you would like more info, you should contact a transportation company near you today. A member of the team will be happy to discuss any questions you have about heavy haulage and the different types of trailers on the market today.


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