How Truck Movers Can Help You During Your Move

Posted on: 8 December 2014

If you are planning to relocate from your current address to another one, you will inevitably need the services of truck movers. This article discusses how these professionals can be of great help to you during this stressful time.

Advice On The Size Of Truck You Need

Most truck movers have very extensive experience in their field. They are therefore capable of giving you the best advice regarding the size of truck that you will need in order to move your belongings safely, by, for instance, considering the square metres in your house to estimate the right size of truck. As an individual, you may be ill-equipped to make this decision on your own since you may be driven by budgetary considerations to hire the smallest truck you can fit your belongings into. This may result in the property being squeezed in so tightly that any movement of the truck causes valuables to be squished against each other. Conversely, you may hire a truck that is so large that most of the space remains underutilised, leading to your belongs banging against each other during transportation. Truck movers help you to avoid these two extremes.

Advice On How To Use Your Body As You Lift Boxes

Many people sprain their backs or get other injuries as they lift their belongings during a move. This is because they do not know the best way to use their body as they carry different belongings. Truck movers have been in the moving business for years (or decades) so they have learnt the best way to carry loads while reducing the risks of getting injuries. It is this accumulated expertise that they will offer you by demonstrating how to use your legs (instead of your back) to bear the bulk of the weight of what you are lifting. These weight distribution tips will keep you safe from injury or excessive fatigue.

Tips On Handling Easy-To-Misplace Items

When you work closely with truck movers, you will greatly benefit from their tips on how to handle items that can easily get lost during the relocation. These items include screws for your disassembled furniture and overnight requirements. For instance, truck movers can advise you to put screws for each piece of furniture into a sealed envelope then tape that envelope inside that particular piece of furniture. Screws for your bed can be taped inside a bed-drawer. When you follow their advice, you will have fewer headaches looking for those little items.

From the above, it is very clear that truck movers are very important beyond simply providing transportation for your belongings. As you prepare to move, freely interact with these people so that you can benefit fully from their expertise. For more information, contact a company like Dashpine Transport.


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