3 Simple Tips for Making a Business Retreat More Enjoyable for Everyone

Posted on: 12 February 2015

If you're in charge of a business retreat or seminar or other type of offsite meeting for your company, you want to do everything you can to ensure it's effective but also enjoyable for employees. While most of your attention will no doubt be given to the material being delivered during the retreat or seminar, you also want to consider a few other important details along the way. Note the following.

1. Keep meals light but varied

One common mistake that many persons make when planning business retreats or seminars is providing heavy meals that in turn make employees feel tired and sleepy during the day. It's good to ensure your employees have plenty to eat when on a retreat or at a seminar so they're not distracted by hunger, but heavy pasta dishes and fried foods can also make them feel sluggish.

Stick to light sandwiches for lunches and healthy snack items such as fruit or cheese and crackers rather than sugary foods. It's also good to plan a variety of foods, as many more people today are choosing vegetarian and vegan diets, or they may sensitive to gluten or other such additives. Ask your employees about their preferences before making your plans.

2. Plan something enjoyable for everyone

A seminar or retreat may not seem very stressful to you, but remember that employees need to take time away from their families, pack a suitcase, and sleep somewhere unfamiliar in order to attend.

It's good to ensure they can relax and enjoy their time away by planning something enjoyable as part of the event. This might be an afternoon of golf for everyone or a guided tour of the city. Be sure the plans are relaxing; after traveling some distance, employees may not want to engage in a challenging sport or exhaust themselves with a walking tour of a museum.

3. Charter a bus or shuttle

It's always good to get a bus or shuttle, either from the airport or to travel short distances. This keeps everyone together so you know they will safely arrive at their hotel or destination.

Rather than have the drive time wasted by everyone taking a cab from the airport or driving on their own, you can charter a bus or shuttle and during the drive, review the purpose of the seminar or retreat or use that time in a way that's otherwise effective. This will keep everyone focused and also make their plans for attending much easier on them overall, since they won't be responsible for their own transportation.

If you have further questions about renting a bus or shuttle, contact your local experts such as Vics Maxi Transport.


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