What to Ask When Arranging an Airport Shuttle or Transfer

Posted on: 4 November 2015

An airport shuttle or transfer can be a great way to get from the airport to your hotel and back again without having to rent a car for that short drive. Some shuttle services even go back and forth to popular destinations near the airport, such as a large office complex, convention center, sports arena, and the like. When you're ready to arrange an airport shuttle or transfer, note a few questions to ask about the service so you know what to expect.

1. Ask how they calculate your pickup time

An airport shuttle should never use your flight's landing time as their pickup time, as flights can be early or late, and of course you need time to get through customs if necessary and to pick up your luggage. A good shuttle service today will track flights in real time over the internet and then usually allow half an hour or more for you to depart and get your bags. Always check on how they calculate your pickup time so you know they won't simply leave because your flight is late.

2. Note how many stops they will make

A shuttle service is not like a private car that takes you and only you directly to your destination. Instead, it may stop at several gates at the airport and more than one hotel or other such location. After a long flight, you may not appreciate having to sit in a shuttle for hours while it makes all these trips, so ask about how many stops they will make. Choose a shuttle with the least amount of stops so you can get to your destination much more quickly.

3. Be sure to ask how to find the shuttle

Some airports will have very obvious waiting areas for shuttles outside a gate, but some don't. You want to ensure you know where the van is located, if you need to look for a certain van number, and the like. This is especially true in smaller airports that may not have dedicated areas for shuttles and transport companies.

4. Ask if they offer a lower fare for a group

If you're traveling with your family or coworkers, don't assume you need to pay an individual price for each person. Ask if they have a lower fare for a group, and note how many people are traveling with you. This will ensure there is room on the shuttle, and you still save as much money on transport as possible.

Keep these questions in mind as you plan airport transfers and shuttle rides, and your trip should go as smoothly as possible. 


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