Organising an airport transfer with a long haul flight with a baby

Posted on: 30 October 2016

After a long flight, especially if you have a baby or other small children, it can be wonderful to speed up the trip to your accommodation by having an airport transfer driver meet you at baggage claim or outside the terminal. 

Here are some things to let your driver know in advance if you have children.

Let them know the age of your children

It can be a good idea to let your driver know the age of each child that is traveling with your family. Depending on the age of your children you may require one or more car seats in the car. The exact car seat requirements will depend on the state that you are traveling to, as each Australian state has slightly different legal requirements for car seats at different ages. Let them know if you have a preference for the position of each child in the car (such as having a baby and toddler separated by an adult sitting between them or having one child sitting behind the driver's seat). 

Let them know you are bringing a car seat

If you are bringing your car seat with you, it's a good idea to let the driver know the make and model of your car seat. This can help them as they can check if the car seat you are bringing is legally compliant in Australia, as well as letting them check the best way to install the car seat into their car as some car seats may not be as compatible with some cars as they are with others. Knowing what type of car will be picking you up will help ensure there is no confusion or frustration when it comes to putting the car seat in.

It can be much easier to allow the driver to bring their own car seat as the seat will be preinstalled in the car when your lift arrives at the airport. Installing a car seat at the best of times can be tricky, and it can be extra challenging when you are exhausted and jet lagged (and have an exhausted and jet-lagged child in tow). 

Organising an airport transfer can be a great idea after a flight with children instead of relying on a rental car. It can help you to get out of the airport quickly so that everyone can get some sleep and you can start your holiday as soon as possible.


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