What to Look For in a Party Bus Hire

Posted on: 21 February 2017

A party bus hire isn't just about having fun when out on the town; it can keep you safe if you decide to have a few drinks while at the bar or club. It can also mean keeping a group together for the evening, which can also be safer than if everyone drove separately and someone were to be inadvertently left behind. A party bus can also mean that the party gets started as soon as the bus arrives! When you're ready to hire a party bus for any reason, note a few factors to consider so you know you get the right bus and know what's involved in its rental.

1. Check your venue for limitations on party buses

If you're going to a certain restaurant or nightclub, you might check with that venue first as to any limitations they have about party buses. Remember that some party buses are very long and may require the equivalent of several parking spaces, and your chosen venue may not have enough room for the bus to pull through the lot or even the entryway. The party bus rental agency you choose may be familiar with certain local hotspots and their limitations, but you might call ahead yourself so you can easily plan on the type of bus you'll get so you know it will literally fit in the parking lot!

2. Ask if it has a bar and what's provided

Many party buses will have a bar in the back, but this isn't always included; remember that some party buses are used during the day, to transport large groups to a business meeting or company function, and a stocked bar might not be needed. Also, you want to ask what's provided, as the limited space of a bus may mean that only a few basics are behind the bar, so don't expect your favourite cocktail to be available. If the bar feature is important to you in a party bus, ask about it rather than make any assumptions.

3. Tell them the occasion

If you're taking a party bus for a certain occasion, be sure to tell the rental agency. They may have special deals for bridal parties, birthday parties, special anniversaries and the like. They may also have certain favours they give away for these occasions; your hen or stag party may include a free bottle of champagne, or a birthday party may include a cake or gift basket of sweets. Ask outright if they have any specials for such occasions so you don't miss out on these added features.


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