Why Your Wedding Needs a Bus Buddy (Or Even a Bus Boss)

Posted on: 20 March 2018

Unless your wedding ceremony and reception happen to take place at the same venue, chances are that a chartered bus is going to be rather high on your must-haves for your big day. You'll have a lot of visitors from out of town, some of your guests might have had more alcohol than is advisable if they want to drive, and some people just don't have a car. Of course you're going to need some way of getting guests to your wedding reception. But it's not enough to just rent a bus and have everyone pile on. No, you're going to need a dedicated family member or friend who has kindly agreed to be your bus buddy for the day (or the bus boss, if they should prefer).

Extra Information for the RSVP

Bus charter services that can provide transportation from your wedding ceremony to your reception venue are of course not like a public bus. If someone misses the bus, it's not as though there will be another one coming along in ten minutes. When you send out the wedding invitations, you need to stipulate that respondents will need to let you know by a certain date whether they'll require a seat on the bus. This allows you to know precisely the size of the bus you'll need to secure. So where does the bus buddy come into it?

The Master List

The bus buddy is simply a friend or family member who oversees the smooth transition from one venue to the next for everyone who has requested a seat on the bus. You should give them a list of everyone who is expected to board the bus, allowing them to know if anyone is lingering behind. While this might sound like a school trip, it's a method that ensures nobody is going to be left behind, potentially trapped.

Phone Numbers

The list the bus buddy is given should also include mobile phone numbers of the guests in question. If someone hasn't boarded the bus and it's due for an imminent departure, the bus buddy can simply call the person and remind them that the bus is leaving. It's really that simple, but it wouldn't be that simple without a small amount of organisation on your part. You should also perhaps send a group email or text to everyone who will be riding the bus, giving them the number of your designated bus buddy, with instructions to call them if they should become lost or delayed on the day.

Even the best laid plans can sometimes derail, so your bus buddy should also have contact information for local taxi companies and public transport providers (just in case someone truly does get left behind). But by having a bus buddy, your big day is going to run even more smoothly. For more information, contact companies like All-About Charter Service.


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