Things You Should Consider Before Renting a Vehicle From an Airport

Posted on: 8 November 2018

Flying is a great option for when you are travelling, whether for a business trip or for leisure. It's fast, cheap and safe. However, flying to another city also comes with disadvantages when you've reached your destination. You are bound to use public transport, which can be quite a hassle if you have a lot of luggage or if you have to make many trips within the area while you are there. A good solution for this is to rent a vehicle right there at the airport. Many airports have one or more rental service you can access as soon as you've gotten off your flight. Before doing this, there are some things you might want to take into consideration when considering your airport transportation options.

Look the company up beforehand

Even though it's usually safe to rent vehicles from these firms, as the airports in a way have 'vouched' for them, you should still look them up beforehand. Terms may vary from company to company, and some might ask for higher bonds than others. It all depends on what you are looking for. You can probably be quite comfortable with a cheap car without any extras if you're just looking to transport yourself from the airport to the city, but if you want to rent a car to use for a longer period, you should look into what types of vehicles they offer. Also, remember to have enough money for the bond before you rent the vehicle, so it doesn't come as an unexpected cost as you're standing at the airport.

Terms and conditions

Read through and understand the terms and conditions of hiring carefully. The company might have restrictions that you haven't thought about. Some companies don't want you to take the car on a car ferry, for example, or off-road. Also, make sure you understand what will happen if worst comes to worst and the car is damaged during your rental. Some companies, depending on the damage, will only keep your bond to cover the damage, but some might also ask you to pay additional charges.

Special needs

If you have special needs, many firms can help you also with this. For example, many companies offer wheelchair-accessible vehicles, but make sure the company has them available when you arrive. The same goes for when you want to rent a van or larger vehicle to transport your belongings. The terms might also differ slightly from when you're just renting a car, so be sure you fully understand your contract.


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