• Things You Should Consider Before Renting a Vehicle From an Airport

    Flying is a great option for when you are travelling, whether for a business trip or for leisure. It's fast, cheap and safe. However, flying to another city also comes with disadvantages when you've reached your destination. You are bound to use public transport, which can be quite a hassle if you have a lot of luggage or if you have to make many trips within the area while you are there.
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  • Why Your Wedding Needs a Bus Buddy (Or Even a Bus Boss)

    Unless your wedding ceremony and reception happen to take place at the same venue, chances are that a chartered bus is going to be rather high on your must-haves for your big day. You'll have a lot of visitors from out of town, some of your guests might have had more alcohol than is advisable if they want to drive, and some people just don't have a car. Of course you're going to need some way of getting guests to your wedding reception.
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  • Tips to Keep Your Farm Vegetables Fresh for Longer Before Sale

    Keeping farm-fresh vegetables unwilted from the point of harvest up to the time of sale is a common challenge for most commercial farmers. Besides the difficulty, customers almost always opt for the freshest vegetables in the market. To boost your sales and keep your customers loyal, you should ensure your vegetables stay unwilted for the longest time possible. Below are some key guides to help you keep your farm vegetables fresh from the time you harvest up to the point of sale, and probably even beyond.
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